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Alliance for Ethical Business

AEB listserve covers issues of the environment including the rivers, bay and forest of the Redwood Coast.

Protect Lost Coast Headlands

October 14th 2016

Support protecting Lost Coast Headlands! Send your letters of support to: and at: and/or call  202-456-1111 Sign the petition at (scroll way down the page PAST the photo of the Lost Coast) --- Lost Coast Headlands are monumental Times Standard 10/13/16, By Carrie Grant   I have been a resident of and near Ferndale for nearly 40 years, from co-owning the nature-oriented Eifert Gallery on Main Street and currently ...Continue Reading

Redwood Progressive

Redwood Coast politics and current events

Help Save Eureka's Progressive City Council

October 19th 2016

The future of Eureka politics is at stake and we have 19 days to change the outcome. Two short years ago we elected Kim Bergel and Natalie Arroyo who, alongside Linda Atkins, made up the first ever progressive majority on the Eureka City Council. There have been many 3-2 votes during that time, including the declaration of a shelter crisis in Eureka, which allowed Betty's Village and temporary campgrounds for homeless people to be established, and the recently passed regulation to allow medical cannabis busi ...Continue Reading

Richard's List

This is Richard Salzman's personal list, intended for fans, friends and supporters only.

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Bernie's plea to the faithful

August 5th 2016

I’ve been a fan of Bernie Sanders since I first heard him speak on the floor of the House in the 90s, and really started to take notice after his election to the Senate ’07.  Over the years since I’d occasionally quote him to foster a position for which I was advocating. On April 30th, 2015 when Bernie made his hasty announcement outside the capital building, as it was clear my hero Elizabeth Warren was not entering the primary, I did not hesitate to declare my commitment to Sanders on tha ...Continue Reading