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Alliance for Ethical Business

AEB listserve covers issues of the environment including the rivers, bay and forest of the Redwood Coast.

Last Message: Tell The Water Board Dry Rivers Are "Flow Impaired"

Please send the email below or write your own. For more information visit: or: --- To: Katharine Carter North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board Phone:707-576-2290 Fax:707-523-0135To Dear NCRWQCB, Scientific evidence already supports listing the Scott River, Shasta River and other California streams proposed in 2010 for flow impairment listing under Section 303(d) of the Clean Water Act. I request that you: 1) list the p...


Redwood Progressive

Northcoast politics and current events

Last Message: Voice your support with online vote for Supervisor - just one click!

Please take a quick moment now, go to the Times Standard website , scroll down on the left side just below the "2014 election coverage" logo and cast your vote: Who's your pick for Humboldt County 4th District supervisor? Chris Kerrigan or Virginia Bass Just one quick click ...


Richard's List

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Last Message: Warnings go back decades (JPR + Seattle Times + how to help)

TIMES WATCHDOG: While a Snohomish County official said the area hit by the mudslide “was considered very safe,” the hillside’s history of slides dates back more than 60 years. One expert says he was shocked when homebuilding was permitted after a big 2006 slide. --- Concern Over Landslide-Logging Connection Near Oso Is Decades Old By John Ryan March 28, 2014 JPR See photos here: Saturday's deadly slide was the latest in a long string of...