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Voice your support with online vote for Supervisor - just one click!

Sent April 16th 2014

Please take a quick moment now, go to the Times Standard website , scroll down on the left side just below the "2014 election coverage" logo and cast your vote: Who's your pick for Humboldt County 4th District supervisor? Chris Kerrigan or Virginia Bass Just one quick click ...

Kerrigan for Supervisor Campaign Update - Arts Alive! and more

Sent April 4th 2014

Kerrigan for Supervisor Campaign Update - Arts Alive! and more From Friends, Last night Chris Kerrigan and Virginia Bass joined Kevin Hoover's Thursday Night Talks on KHSU radio. Listeners called in a variety of questions that really showed where Chris and Virginia differ on the issues. Chris praised transparency and citizen participation, stood up for living wage jobs, and spoke about the importance of integrity in Planning Commission appointments.  Click here to listen to the ful...

KHSU tonight 7:pm Supervisor's Debate + Arts Alive! Sat + House Party 4.13

Sent April 3rd 2014

Join host Kevin Hoover on KHSU 90.5 FM's Thursday Night Talk tonight April 3rd as he interviews the two candidates for Fourth District Supervisor, incumbent Virginia Bass and challenger Chris Kerrigan. Phone in your questions to (707) 826-4805 beginning at 7 p.m. ----- Join the Kerrigan for Supervisor Campaign for an Arts Alive! open house, displaying art by local artist Suzanne Simpson on Saturday April 5th, from 6:00 – 9:00 pm. Wine and refreshments will be served. For more information about the Kerrigan for Super...

DA debate Tuesday 6pm Trinidad + SoHum Town Hall + Arts Alive!

Sent April 1st 2014

Tuesday April 1st (5:30 reception) 6:00 - 7:30pm DA debate at Trinidad Town Hall sponsored by the Trinidad Chamber of Commerce and LWV Friday April 4th (5:pm recpetion) 5:30 public forum SoHum D.A. Town Hall Veterans Memorial Building, 483 Conger St, Garberville sponsored by Elan Firpo Saturday April 5th Arts Alive corner of F St. and 2nd St. Elan Firpo Booth, stop by for refreshments & meet the candidate More info: To request a Firpo yard sign, email Elan's campaign at: -...

A fool for justice part 2: The Big Chill by Marcy Burstiner

Sent March 29th 2014

More on the topic of the emergency ordinance the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors enacted the will be up again at Tuesday's morning Board of Supervisors meeting -- The Big Chill BY MARCY BURSTINER Back in April 2007, some 3,500 people peaceably gathered in Redwood Park in Arcata to celebrate weed. I wrote about it in this column, noting how amazed I was that in a county of 130,000 the two daily newspapers we had back then skipped the event. I get hi...

Better a Fool for justice than a Tool for injustice

Sent March 28th 2014

From: janelle WHO: Board of Supervisors and Human Rights Commission and you. WHAT: Speech/peaceful assembly at the Courthouse. Commission is recommending repeal of the Urgency Ordinance passed to remove Occupy Eureka after the police failed to scare them away. Remember, even the ordinance didn't work, those arrested under the ordinance were acquitted and a hearty remnant group stayed three more months. Restrictions remain, are being ignored, but can be used when desired to harass and disessemble the next unpo...

By Daniel Mintz: Planning Commission supports "dispersed development" (read: sprawl)

Sent March 27th 2014

Commission Supports Dispersed Development By Daniel Mintz 3.18.14 -- The Independent The idea of smart growth – focusing growth in areas that are urbanized and with water and sewer services – is being met with doubt by the Planning Commission as it reviews the county’s draft Housing Element. The five-year housing plan is entering a new cycle and in two hearings on it last week, planning commissioners worked to expand the scope of Housing Opportunity Zones (HOZs) –focused growth areas that offer relaxed permitti...

Peter Martin's MY WORD - Humboldt Volunteers, Second Brigade

Sent March 27th 2014

It's never too late to tell the truth about America's genocide Peter Martin / My Word - Times Standard 03/27/2014 Mayor Frank Jager did a courageous thing last week. He apologized for the Wiyot massacre on Indian Island. The letter read in part: “As Mayor of Eureka, on behalf of the City Council and the people of Eureka, we would like to offer a formal apology to the Wiyot people for the actions of our people in 1860. Nothing we say or do can make up for what occurred on that night of infamy. It will forever be a sca...

Kerrigan HQ opening Friday at 6:pm Eureka

Sent March 26th 2014

From: Chris Kerrigan for Supervisor OUR CAMPAIGN OFFICE IS NOW OPEN! The Kerrigan for Supervisor campaign will open its new office headquarters to the public for a Grand Opening Party this Friday (March 28th) at 6:00 PM ! This will be an opportunity for supporters to hear from the Kerrigan for Supervisor campaign, and learn about volunteer opportunities. Chris will be there to speak with guests about how we can move Humboldt County forward together! Don't miss this great opportunity to meet Chris and your fellow sup...

Help The Golden Rule

Sent March 19th 2014

From: "aronson" Friends, For 3 1/2 years I've been helping our local Veterans For Peace restore the worlds first nuclear protest vessel, a 30' ketch called The Golden Rule. The mission of it's 1958 crew of Quakers was to shed light on the dangers of atmospheric nuclear testing in the Marshall Is. This project will complete the remaining 20% restoration of the boat, and begin it's new mission to shed light on the current version of "fallout" from the nuclear power industry and the use and devel...

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